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Sell a middle ATM Put option. Sell a middle ATM Call option. Buy a higher strike OTM Stratégiai opciók bevétele option. All components have the same expiration.

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The strategy uses both Call and Put options. The difference between consecutive strike prices must be equal.

  • Trendvonalak lineáris szűrés
  • Характер дал Бенджи больше, чем мы могли даже надеяться.

Steps Make sure the trend is inclining or stagnating at a certain level. Exit: The position can be closed before expiration.

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The commissions should not be forgotten during calculations. Basic characteristics Maximum loss: Difference between consecutive strike prices - net credit. Maximum profit: Received net credit. Time decay: Time decay has a positive effect on the value when the position is profitable, and a negative effect when the position is lossmaking.

Lower breakeven point: Middle strike price - Net Credit. Advantages and disadvantages The investor can profit from share prices moving within given limits.

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Low and limited risk with potential income. Disadvantages: Potentially higher profit is only possible close to expiration. Closing the position Buy back the Short options and sell the Long options.

  • Netraind bináris opciók
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Mitigation of losses: Close the position the above-mentioned way.