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He thought that the MACD reacts too slowly and often misses the important changes in the market prices, especially on the weekly charts. First, he tried to modify the MAs and found a shorter MA which made the reaction time shorter. Furthermore, he hisztogram az opciókhoz looking for a method to forecast the future intersections of MACD lines. The value of the difference is illustrated in a histogram form. Thus, the midline intersections and the divergences are easily observable. Divergence can have several forms and it can have different slopes.

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Usually analysts differentiate between two types: slant divergence, peak-trough divergence. Slant divergence happens when a continuous and consistent movement happens from one direction to the other can be both upwards or downwards movementwhich forms a divergence.

Slant divergence usually happens usually in shorter periods. Slant divergence can also have minor peaks and troughs.

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Slant divergence on the MACD Histogram Peak-trough divergence happens when the divergence consists of at least two maximum or two minimum points. Two or more increasing troughs form a positive divergence, two or more decreasing peaks form a negative divergence.

Peak-trough divergence usually happens in longer periods than the slant divergence. On daily charts, peak-trough divergences can last from 2 weeks up to several months.

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The longer and steeper the divergence, the more reliable the signal. Shorter and flatter divergences can give false signals. Investors can forecast trend changes with bigger punctuality with paying attention to the MACD Histogram.

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It can be used on daily, weekly, or monthly charts as well. However, different time horizons require the use of slower or faster moving averages. On weekly charts, the indicator signals longer trend changes.

Most el fogjuk magyarázni az egyes hisztogram diagramok alakjait Excelben. Normális eloszlás: Harang alakú eloszlásnak is nevezik. Normál eloszlás esetén a pontok valószínűleg az átlag egyik oldalán fordulnak elő, mint a másik oldalon. Az alábbiak szerint néz ki: Bimodális disztribúció: Ezt dupla csúcsteljesítménynek is nevezik. Ebben a távolban.

After the trend change has been recognised, daily charts can help to identify the buy and sell points. There are only two reasons to open a position in the opposite direction of the current trend. When the megtalálja a bitcoin címet trend is bullish, the negative divergence in the MACD Histogram and a bearish type of intersection can be a valid signal.

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When the long-term trend is bearish, the positive divergence in the MACD Histogram and a bullish type of crossing can be a valid signal. MACD Histogram is an indicator of another indicator. Movements on the Histogram should not be directly compared with the movement of share prices. The aim of the indicator is to recognise MACD crosses, impulsive trading decisions should never be based on the Histogram.

The Histogram should be used along with other technical analysis tools. Using multiple tools helps to avoid opening positions too early. Naturally, more daily charts should be used than weekly.

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The number of signals will decrease if the trader only takes those daily signals seriously which have been justified by weekly signals as well. Short and flat divergences should be treated with caution. They can forecast opportunities correctly, but many of them can give false signals.

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To filter out these divergences, one should look for divergences with two or more peaks or troughs. Then compare the peaks and troughs with historical event, to get a grasp of the significance of those divergences.

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