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You can buy, sell and even store Bitcoins using Cryptopay. The platform has also put in places all the necessary features needed to streamline currency exchange processes, thus easily and quickly accessing Bitcoin or cash on the fly.

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With that said, should you go ahead and sign up at Cryptopay? Are these benefits real or just marketing hype? To answer that question, we have decided to put together a review with the aim of analyzing the kind of service that is offered by Cryptopay.

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Cryptopay Review: is it a legitimate Bitcoin storage and exchange platform? Cryptopay is a very professional platform where cryptopey pénztárca people can easily and affordably access the Bitcoin network.

It was launched back in October by some two Russian guys George Basiladze  and  Dmitry Gunyashov who have knowledge of the blockchain technology.

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These guys wanted to transform how Bitcoin is accessed and handled by regular people like me and you. George Basiladze holds a MsC in finance. He posses several years of experience as a research analyst in various financial fields.

He has also worked with many Russian investment firms. He has successfully built several payment systems in the last 7 years of working in this industry.

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The business is operated out of London. So far, Cryptopay has issued  prepared cards. They have  active users on their platform.

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On average, they process  transactions every month. Therefore, the professional qualifications for those who pioneered this platform is in order.

Ha már tudod mik azok a kriptovaluták, vásárolnál, de nem tudod hogyan kezdj hozzá — akkor segítünk! A kriptovaluták megszerzésének számtalan módjával találkozhat a felhasználó. Ám alapvetés, hogy a kriptovaluta például a Bitcoincsak akkor a tiéd, ha azt ténylegesen Te birtoklod. Jelenleg közel 70 millió bitcoin-tulajdonos létezik a világon, azonban mindösszesen csak 22 millió Bitcoin tárcán található ténylegesen elkölthető bitcoin.

Their experience is also in order, meaning that they have a vision and strategy on how to make this platform the best Bitcoin storage and exchange on the internet.

Services that are provided by Cryptopay The service which they are offering here is quite self explanatory.

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If you visit the site, the first thing you will see is that Cryptopay is giving users the opportunity to conveniently link their bank accounts with the cryptopey pénztárca so that they can buy, sell or store Bitcoin using a special digital wallet that has been integrated on the platform. The wallet has a special feature that lets users store different currency amounts within the same account.

Bitcoin pénztárca (wallet)

What this means is that users can send and even receive money fast and conveniently. If you own Bitcoin in your Cryptopay walletyou will be issued with a prepaid card which you will then use to spend your Bitcoins offline if you wish to. The best thing about this card is that it is accepted at all POS terminals and all other outlets where Visa cards are accepted. There are currently millions of merchants worldwide who are accepting accepting Visa cards.

Cryptopay Bitcoin bankkártya felülvizsgálat

As a client of Cryptopay, you can access and pay for these services, whether online or offline, thanks to the prepaid Cryptopay card. But there is also another special feature which this platform has introduced. That feature allows users to possess Virtual cards.

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These are widely accepted just as much as plastic Cards are accepted around the world. Keresni btcon befektetés nélkül top up your Cryptopay accountyou simply have to perform a bank transfer in your preferred currency.

Természetesen a vállalat keres megoldást találni, és egyszer ők találtak frissíteni fogjuk ezt a bejegyzést én személy szerint keres alternatívát is.

That will purchase you cryptopey pénztárca amount of Bitcoin that you were intending to purchase. Banking institutions that are eligible for this process should cryptopey pénztárca based out of 28 SEPA countries in Europe.

However, Cryptopay has a solution for this setback. Those who order their prepaid cards are not limited to this requirement. Another pitfall that we just learned about is that customers who are from the US and India are not illegible for this prepaid plastic card.

Cryptopay Review: Good or Scam Exchange?

In addition to this, the country has also excluded some countries from being illegible to receive this card. Some parts of Africa and Middle East have also been excluded too. When you select a standard service on this platform, your plastic card will be shipped to your provided address free of charge. If the customer is based in Europe, they should be able to receive their debit card within 3 weeks and up to 5 weeks if they are based outside Europe in any of the supported jurisdictions.